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Concentrated Butter Oil

Concentrated Butter Oil


Butter Oil X–Factor Gold high Vitamin "Butter Oil X–Factor Gold high Vitamin"
is rich in vitamins A, D, K2 and the Wulzen (or Price) Factor, also known as Activator X. It is a critical nutrient-dense food for people with arthritis, osteoporosis, joint problems and pain, hardening of the arteries, hormone problems, and chronic stiffness. It is also critical for children who suffer from chronic colds and bronchitis. It is synergistic with all the osteofactors, Cataplex® C, Calcifood®, Cal–Ma Plus®, Calcium Lactate, Glucosamine Synergy®, and Blue Ice™ High Vitamin Cod Liver Oil (fermented).

This butter oil is made from whole milk from cows eating fresh green grasses. It is naturally high in the critical, and almost–impossible–to–get, vitamin K2 and the Wulzen Factor or Activator X. Some experts refer to this nutrient as the anti-stiffness factor because it is so critical to joint disease and arthritis sufferers. The normal dose is 2–12 capsules daily.

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