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Throat Relief

Throat Relief

Throat Spray Relief "Throat Spray Relief" 8730

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Throat Relief™ is my favorite colloidal silver product. It contains our most powerful, enhanced aqueous silver colloid combined with peppermint oil to improve effectiveness and taste. The long–reaching and focused spray nozzle of Throat Relief is designed to facilitate spraying to the back of the throat and on the tonsils. Precise and appropriate application of the product greatly increases its performance

Most sore throats are viral so you can’t resolve the infection with antibiotics. The throat pain is caused by the actual destruction of the tissue by microbes. Throat Relief™ gives your body’s natural immune system the boost it needs to deal with microbes in the throat and tonsils.

You must keep the spray in contact with your tonsils for 15 minutes to boost your body’s ability to fight off the viruses. So. Turn the long–reaching spray nozzle to a 45 degree angle. Set aside 15 minutes, lie on your back (or sitting up), and pump–spray Throat Relief (3–4 sprays) all the way back in your throat on both sides (on your tonsils). Spray this way even if your tonsils have been removed. Wait a minute and spray again. Repeat every minute for 15 minutes. Repeat 15–minute sessions at least 4x's daily (more often if possible). The more you spray the quicker your sore throat will be resolved.

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