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Congestion Relief™

Congestion Relief™

Congestion Relief "Congestion Relief" chronic sinus allergies allergy 8706

Congestive Relief is the herbal formula for people with sinus issues and congestion. Chronic sinus issues can lead to sinus infections. And millions of Americans suffer from chronic sinus issues and infections.

Congestion Relief™ contains Yarrow Leaf, Horseradish, and Elder Flower to support your sinus production of natural antihistamine components to fight congestion. It also contains Eye Bright, Calendula, and Aloe Vera to help you during allergy season and with polluted air.

This herbal spray works directly in the sinus membrane cells, stimulating natural antihistamines that help normalize the mucus flow in your sinuses. And because this product works directly on the sinus cells, rather than chemically shrinking the tissues, it is not habit forming like over‐the‐counter antihistamine nose sprays. So there is no rebound effect—where your sinuses clog shut when you stop spraying. Spray once in each nostril. Allow 5 minutes to work. Spray as often as necessary. Not habit‐forming.

Contains 45 ml or 1.5 oz. Safe for children.

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