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Super Neti Juice™

Super Neti Juice™

Super Neti Juice "Super Neti Juice" 8702

Maintaining sinus health is important for many reasons. It is critical to overall health, proper sleep, and general comfort. Using a Neti Pot has been a traditional therapy for a long, long, time. But simply flushing your sinuses with salt water is not the best way to go. Instead, don’t just bathe your sinuses, instead use the most powerful neti pot therapy available.

Most forms of relief target the symptoms to provide temporary relief, but for a long–term solution, you need something different, something powerful. You need Super Neti Juice™. Super–charge your Neti Pot with Super Neti Juice™ and support healthy sinuses while you boost your body’s natural defense system to regain and maintain sinus health.

**Note: Colloidal silver products are subject to freezing which causes them to denature. Place orders for these products when freezing in your area has diminished. We take every precaution to prevent freezing during shipments, but cannot guarantee their safe arrival and cannot offer refunds or replacements.**

Super Neti Juice™   SKU: 8702
Quantity: 8/package.    
Our Price: $ 44.00

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