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Cod Liver Oil Blue Ice™ High Vitamin

Cod Liver Oil Blue Ice™ High Vitamin


Cod Liver Oil "Cod Liver Oil "
Cod liver oil is an essential, nutrient–dense food rich in vitamins A and D, as well as omega–3 fatty acids. It is critical for people with arthritis; osteoporosis; joint problems; depression, stress and anxiety; skin problems; hormone problems; heart problems; weakened immune function; memory problems; chronic colds, bronchitis and flu; and much more. As part of a joint or skeleton rehabilitation protocol, it is synergistic with the osteofactors Cataplex® C, Calcifood®, Cal–Ma Plus®, Calcium Lactate, Glucosamine Synergy®, and X-Factor™ Gold High–Vitamin Butter Oil.

This cod liver oil is the only remaining real oil on the market. All other oils are now industrially produced, with synthetic or soy–based vitamins added. These are used to replace the real, naturally–occurring vitamins A and D that most manufacturers now strip out of the oil. This oil is not deodorized, industrially processed, or flavored. It retains all its myriad of pigments and vitamin variations as only nature can provide. It is provided in capsule form only. The normal dose is 2–3 capsules daily (2–3 capsules equal 1 teaspoon of Cod Liver Oil).

120 capsules

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