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Digestive & Urinary Tonic™

Digestive & Urinary Tonic™


This simple colloidal silver and herbal solution will kill the most deadly microbes and bacteria—even antibiotic resistant bacteria—including the ones that cause food poisoning, urinary tract infections, gut infections, skin lesions, colds and flu virus, even cholera and typhoid, and much more!
And DUT is so easy to use. Just drink 2 ounces on an empty stomach 4 times the 1st day. If the problem persists, repeat a second day. In the unlikely event that the problem persists, you can repeat for a 3rd day, then no more. With DUT you will never be afraid of accidently eating spoiled food. Gut pains, cramps and diarrhea will be a thing of the past.
And DUT can be just as miraculous with a urinary tract infection or cystitis. If you use the DUT protocol combined with my cystitis protocol (page 139 of your Encyclopedia of Pragmatic and Holistic Medicine or your 45 Day Health Turnaround ), you can conquer one of medicine’s most incurable diseases. You can even use DUT for mouth problems, and after dental cleanings when bacteria can be forced under your gums. Just gargle and hold the liquid in your mouth for 10‐15 minutes then spit it out. Do this for 1‐2 days. And for cuts, injuries, and all skin problems, you can apply DUT on a cotton ball with a band-aid or tape and leave it on for an hour or even overnight. We are working on an anti-microbial ointment to make this even easier.
And DUT works best when followed by a 90‐day treatment with a probiotic to "re‐seed" your gut. We use ProSynbiotic® by Standard Process®, the best probiotic available, taken 2 capsules daily for 90 days.
In today's antibiotic resistant world of deadly cataclysmic bugs, you need an anti‐microbial tonic. DUT is it. Be armed and ready. When you purchase this, be sure to buy 3‐4 bottles. You will use one 8‐ounce bottle per day for up to three days with serious gut and urinary infections.

**Note: Silver colloidal products are subject to freezing which causes them to denature. Place orders for these products when freezing in your area has deminished. We take every precaution to prevent freezing during shipments, but cannot guarantee their safe arrival and cannot offer refunds or replacements.**
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