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Real Life Success Stories
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Thanks to the helpful advice and guidance from Health Alert, more than 90,000 patients have seen dramatic results without drugs and without surgery.

When their doctors had given up all hope, these people took their healthcare into their own hands to find healing over heart conditions, chronic pain, degenerative diseases, and much more! Read their true life challenges and victories in their own words.

Kathy Lennon (of The Lennon Sisters)
"With your guidance, I discovered how I could dramatically improve my health and…"
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Virginia Steen-McIntyre, PhD, Colorado
"I’m a 74-year old PhD geologist who studies volcanic ash layers. My lungs are full of volcanic glass shards which cause chronic bronchitis…"
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Carolyn Deutsch, Delaware
"An orthopedist informed me that I needed a partial knee replacement due to bone‐on‐bone but before my surgery, I heard of Dr. West and subscribed.…"
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Walter H. Foster, age 80 - California
"For approximately 3 years, I was on 5 prescription drugs for heart problems and angina (pain in the chest) and high blood pressure…"
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"Health Alert -- America's Trusted Alternative Health Resource since 1984"
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